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To give you some of the technical “stuff”, the BabyBoo bandana bibs are 100% cotton front and 100% polyester (fleece) back, double layered with two poppers which are nickel free. They are suitable from 0-3 years so babies and toddlers although I know this does depend on how big your toddler is. They look great, cute designs, wash well at 30 degrees and I have been tumble drying them for months without any shrinkage or issues. The neck is 30-35cm depending on which popper you choose to use and they are 17cm long so from chin to chest basically. The cotton layer at the front extends inside the neck so if your baby has eczema like my little doll the polyester (which may not irritate it anyway) won’t come into contact with the neck. The soakage is fantastic, I have used when Ruby is drinking from her sippy cup and spilling water a lot and the water never ever soaks through no matter how wet the cotton front gets. If you have a big drooler or refluxy baby these are the bibs for you.

Sea green zigzaggy bandana bib

Our LittleBoo bibs fit from about 6lbs upwards (we do hope to do a premie size at some point),  they are 100% cotton front and 100% polyester (fleece) back, double layered with two poppers which are nickel free. The neck on the LittleBoo is smaller but does adjust to ensure a comfortable fit up to about 18lbs. These bibs are a different shape because when you are feeding a newborn they lie almost flat so when losing milk they tend to leak out the side of their mouth. The LittleBoo covers their shoulders so nothing soaks through to their clothing or skin. It also fastens to the side which makes it easier to put on or take off with one hand which you will get used to really quickly with a newborn.

Green turtles little boo newborn bib

The SnuggleBoo is 100% cotton, our Winter 2016 collection is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. They are 2.5 tog and have detachable sleeves. The smaller sizes (up to 18 months) have a harness flap at the front and back so you can take your little one out and about while asleep easily enough by popping the harness of the buggy or car seat through and strapping them in. The 18-48 month size has poppers at the end so you can make it shorter when your little one is still growing into it, we want you to get maximum value from all of our sizes but for smaller babies we always recommend you stick with the size that fits them most snugly, this is purely from a safety point of view so your little one does not have too much room at the end of the bag to slide down.

Rainbows and clouds snuggle boo

We make your child’s safety our priority across all of our products! All our bibs and sleeping bags carry the International Confidence in Textiles label, certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. This is your guarantee that the product contains no toxic or harmful substances.

Caring for your bibs

We recommend washing at 30 degrees, do not soak your bibs in anything pre washing them – soaking weakens the poppers and may result in faded designs or poppers becoming water logged and falling off. If your bib is damp please wash it as fast as you can as leaving it damp pre washing can result in staining.

If your bib gets mould spots or black stains on it we always recommend you check your washing machine to ensure it has no mould in the tube (this has happened to me in the past). Mould can also happen on clothing if it’s left damp for a period of time before washing or if it’s left in the machine while wet for too long before airing. From researching this topic we are also told it can happen when clothing is air dried or sometimes when tumble dried if left damp in the drier in between cycles. Soaking the bib in milton or bleach will unfortunately not remove the stains – if you find a way to remove them please let us know! This is very very rarely reported to us (3 times in 2 years) but we wanted to add a section to the site so you are aware that it can happen and why it happens.

Also just to note for the darker colours, please wash with your dark colours, we can’t be held responsible for items running in a white wash – again very rarely happens but we wanted to make a note of it.

Caring for your SnuggleBoo

Your SnuggleBoo should be washed at 30 degrees, it can be washed at a higher temperature but this may result in slight shrinkage. It can be tumble dried on a low heat. We recommend you turn it inside out before washing and attach the sleeves to the sleeping bag.

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