Ultimate newborn brilliant basics box




Our gift boxes arrive packed in a luxury box complete with a gift card including a note of your choice and some chocolate for mum. This box includes all the necessary bits and bobs for a newborn.

Our SwaddleBoo is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, is breathable and so so soft and lightweight for your newborn. They’re also approved as hip safe by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Our BonnyBoo hats are so practical for small babies, again organic cotton ensures only the best touching your newborn’s skin and the design of these mean they cover little ears and necks.

Our BurpyBoo burp towel is ideal for small babies and especially if they have reflux. It covers your shoulder and has little pockets to ensure any milk dribble or spew is collected and not covering your back. They also have a waterproof layer so nothing soaks through to your shoulder.

Our BlankieBoo 100% organic cotton blankets are so perfect for a newborn, you just cannot go wrong with these.

We’ve also included a personalised LittleBoo bib which fits a newborn perfectly as it has a smaller necksize or a personalised bandana bib.

This really is the perfect, practical but thoughtful gift box for a new baby.

Please note you can choose what is included in the box yourself (the images used are for illustrative purposes).