Pink clouds SnuggleBoo sleeping bag (1 tog)


The SnuggleBoo is just the best – no more 3am crying because baby has kicked their blankets off and is cold, no more feet stuck in cot bars if you have a wriggler and you can be confident your little one is cozy and warm no matter what the weather is like outside.

The 1 tog bags are fantastic if your baby sleeps in a room that temperatures tend to climb in, also great for routine continuation while on holidays or staying with someone else.


Our beautiful clouds print sleepy boo is 1 tog and sizes range from 10lbs to age 4. Perfect for your little princess.

  • Sleeping bags are 100% cotton on the outside and 100% cotton lining (even the care label is cotton)
  • It zips from the top down and has a cover at top and bottom to avoid baby accessing the zip
  • We recommend you wash at 30-40 degrees and tumble dry on low heat
  • We recommend you do not use any other blankets or covers with the snuggle boo
  • We always recommend you put baby to bed with their feet to the end of the cot or crib in line with safety recommendations
  • Please ensure your baby does not overheat and remove sleeves if necessary
  • The 1 tog snuggle boo are suitable all year round in rooms between 18 and 24 degrees

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.