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Top tips for little teeth

This month we have a guest blogpost from the lovely Eileen or Smiley Eileey as she is known by her little clients. She is a fully qualified Dental Nurse and Oral Health Promoter. Her job is to visit preschools and national schools around Ireland educating them on how we look after our teeth and why it is […]

Our top tips for potty training…

A lot of our friends are at this stage over the last few months, it seems to be a constant discussion whenever we meet and I know many of you have no doubt read some good books and articles on potty/toilet training and others have taken advice from family and/or friends.  We were talking recently […]

Your Christmas toy recommendations 6-18 months

Our second installment is aimed at babies who are at the crawling, wobbly, walking stage – so many toys to choose from out there but what are our and your recommendations for favourites in your house 1. Vtech walker – top of the list this was in almost every comment and I know Ruby got […]

Your Christmas toy recommendations for babies

Hi guys So we asked you to recommend your favourite toys for 0-6 months, more importantly your baby’s favourite toys and here are your top 10 recommendations; Lamaze toys – almost every single comment mentioned these or crinkle or sensory toys and I have to agree. Emily doll and Freddy the Firefly were big hits in […]

Baby & family friendly restaurants & cafes in Galway

We’re compiling a list of baby friendly options for eating out or drinking coffee in various counties at the moment. We asked you where you liked going in Galway and here are your suggestions; Maxwell opposite Brown Thomas The Kitchen at the museum. Healthy kids menu, Kid friendly plates, cups and activities. Staff very accommodating Pascal […]

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Tips for travelling with an infant as a solo mum

So we published a post recently with tips for travelling with your kids and I wanted to add another post for travelling alone with your kids. You may not know but I am a solo mum and we recently did our first flight myself and my little doll – she’s 21 months now so the […]

Inside the mind of your toddler

1. If it tastes yucky try putting it in mummy’s mouth, she’d eat anything 2. If I liked it last week DO NOT under any circumstances like it this week 3. If it’s green throw it on the floor 4. If she gives me my own spoon be sure and get that stuff everywhere, rub […]

Essentials for baby from six to twelve months

Last week we covered baby essentials for the first six months and today we’re going to cover the next six months. A few things will have changed in your peaceful, quiet home… You will have a baby that screeches on and off a lot, they just love the sound of their own voice once they […]

Weaning – week one and two

So I decided to start weaning at 22 weeks, I felt myself she was ready for it and was sitting up at that stage. So for week one; Things you need before you start, soft tip spoons, bowls, a feeding bib, a sippy cup (Tommee Tippee worked well here), a high chair if your little […]