Top tips for little teeth

This month we have a guest blogpost from the lovely Eileen or Smiley Eileey as she is known by her little clients. She is a fully qualified Dental Nurse and Oral Health Promoter. Her job is to visit preschools and national schools around Ireland educating them on how we look after our teeth and why it is so important.

She also has an on-line shop www.smileyeileey where mums can seek advice on teething and she has sourced a range of teething products and ways to encourage children to brush their teeth (including her latest product “Tooth Fairy Patrol”).

Here are some top tips for those little teeth under 3 years old!

  1. Even though your baby has no teeth, you should clean your baby’s gums from birth.
  2. Using such products as Teething Wipes (Available on which contain xylitol which fight against decay causing bacteria they also keep teething gums clean to avoid gum inflammation and pain.Brush teeth twice a day, from the first tooth.
  3. All children should have their teeth brushed by an adult until they are at least 6 years old.
  4. Introduce flossing once two teeth touch.
  5. Try to use a xylitol AND fluoride toothpaste.
  6. Keep your own teeth and mouth clean to show a good example.
  7. Don’t share toothbrushes or clean your baby’s dummy with you own mouth, as decay causing bacteria can be spread from parent to baby.
  8. Avoid sugary foods and drinks – sugar rots teeth!
  9. Introduce Kids Mouthwash as soon as your child has the sense to spit it out this will benefit their developing gums.
  10. Introduce foods such as yoghurt,cheese and fruits to their diet.
  11. Finally make brushing a fun experience for your child.
  12. Introduce a fun tooth brush such as the Baby sonic or Kidz Sonic brush available on These tooth brushes both vibrate at 30 second intervals to teach your child to change to the other side of the mouth. The lights on the brush also flash for 2 minutes to encourage your child to brush for this length of time.
  13. I love to use music for this purpose also. Play your child’s favourite song or a tooth brushing song and only introduce it at tooth brushing time.

 Eileen has very kindly given us a Tooth Fairy Patrol pack to give away over on Facebook so pop over and enter today!