Healthy lunch box ideas for little ones

As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram, Ruby starts “big school” this year, my nerves. We also have 9 other kiddies off to school within the team in BabyBoo and 2 others starting so it’s a busy few weeks for the mammies. Lots of you have been asking for lunch box suggestions so I asked Alma (@fitdentalmom) to give us her top tips for teeth friendly alternatives for the lunch box. Her disclaimer – she is not a nutritionist just a health conscious mum and dental professional, good enough for us!!

So first up some of her lower sugar alternative ideas, be careful of cereal bars or oat bars;

BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCHES 📚 bacteria thrive in an acidic environment, snacking on fruit throughout the day isn’t recommended as this lowers the pH in your mouth causing constant acid attacks, try eating your fruit in one sitting instead.
Eating cheese after your fruit will help neutralize the pH In your mouth 😉🧀 sounds cheesy doesn’t it
Here is just a typical day of what I might make for my son. Instead of processed ham I batch make my own homemade chicken goujons and freeze them until I need them. You can also add hummus to your bread sticks.
I hope this helps, not to mention he also has a large bottle of water and the school provides milk for him too.

I also asked lots of mums I know who have little ones in school or starting school and it’s a regular discussion in work so here are some other suggestions;


Wrap/Crackers/Brown Bread/Sandwich/Pitta/Roll
ideally with spinach or some greens but I know Ruby wouldn’t even touch it for me

Cold pasta with pesto or plain


Carrot sticks/Sliced Peppers/Cucumbers


Other options
Yogurt – a pot with a plastic spoon (metal spoons can change the taste of bread etc so better to give plastic or bamboo etc), tubes not recommended. Ruby loves the Tesco yogurt drinks and they’re a handy size for lunchbox.
Hummous – with breadsticks or carrots etc
A healthy bar or homemade flapjack or scone – Ruby is obsessed with the Organix banana bars, I just checked and all their bars have about 8g of sugar so not tooooo bad right Alma?
Savoury muffins
Yogurt rice cakes
Banana pancakes

Cubes of cheese or slices of cheese with crackers

So there you go now, if you’re still looking for lunchbox advice check out Michelle’s tips here

We also love Leanmeanmomma in our house and she has some great ideas here