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Lunchbox ideas for preschool

So your little one is starting montessori or preschool or playschool or whatever route you have gone down. Your precious little darling might be leaving you for the first time or may indeed be going to creche for a few years and this is just another “new room” for them to transition into.

Either way, it’s a milestone, a big step and one where tears may be present, for you if not for them!!

here are 10 snack ideas, key things for me are that she can open them herself so they are packed in easy open tubs or in small snack bags. Ruby has one of these Sass and Belle lunchboxes (bought in Mr Price) which are an ideal size.

All take the approach of having some fruit, a carb and some dairy and funnily enough she has eaten some of every snack each day.

  1. crackers
  2. Blueberries (a staple for us), grapes, chopped up apple, strawberries or a banana
  3. Those little yogurt drinks, they fit in the lunchbox and she loves that she can open it herself
  4. Yogurt and spoon or hummus and a spoon here (she loves the stuff)
  5. Raisins
  6. A flapjack or one of those Goodie bars (we favour the banana bars)  – better again bake some oat bars or oat biscuits (although be prepared for some schools to not allow anything biscuity or cakey no matter how healthy)
  7. A small tub of hummus and breadsticks (Tesco do little bags of bread sticks which are a saviour)
  8. Brown bread and butter (big soda bread fans)
  9. Oat cakes and hummus or crackers and butter
  10. Cheese, you can get prepacked individual chunks of cheese in Aldi or Tesco, some in dinosaur shapes etc

These are just some ideas that we use ourselves – feel free to pop your suggestions into the comments.

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