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We have a few different hat options on the website. Our BooBeanie hats are sized by age because they have some stretch in them, these are also machine washable and you’ll find measurements under each size to double check your sizing before you buy.

To measure place your measuring tape across the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows, above the ears and round to the back of the head where there is a ridge where the neck meets the skull. Here’s a video to help you.


Size guide (but please measure or size up if unsure)

38-40cm / up to 3 months

40-42cm / 3-6 months

42-44cm / 6-9 months

44-46cm / 9-12 months

46-48cm / 1-2 years

48-50cm / 2-4 years

50-52cm / 4-6 years

52-54cm / 6-10 years

54-56cm / 10+ years


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