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Our top 10 tips for travelling with babies and young children

We asked you guys on Facebook to give us your top tips for travelling with babies and young children and we have combined them with our tips to give you a definitive guide. 1. Toys – buy some new stuff for the plane or train or any travel option that is likely to take some […]

Our top 10 weaning tips…

I’ll be completely honest here, the thoughts of weaning Ruby put the fear of God into me. She had reflux which hadn’t been easy and I knew from friends that weaning refluxy babies was a bit tougher than the usual journey so I was super nervous. I had no need to be, yes there were […]

Welcome 2018…

The year seems to go so quickly, I can’t believe I’m sitting here doing a review of 2017, seems like only a few months since I did the 2016 review. Last year was a crazy one for us, lots and lots of change and progress. We moved into a fantastic big new warehouse early in […]

Top tips for little teeth

This month we have a guest blogpost from the lovely Eileen or Smiley Eileey as she is known by her little clients. She is a fully qualified Dental Nurse and Oral Health Promoter. Her job is to visit preschools and national schools around Ireland educating them on how we look after our teeth and why it is […]

Some Halloween party ideas

Halloween is looming again, this is my first year really doing anything with Ruby, she was too afraid or young other years to really get into but she’s making up for it this year! Every day she has a new idea for a costume and we can’t walk through a shop without her pointing out […]

baby shower photo

Some baby shower ideas…

So you’ve been landed with organising a baby shower for your bestie and you’re delighted to be asked but really not sure what’s involved – we’ve all been there right? Well ok maybe not, baby showers are still relatively new here in Ireland but it’s no harm to prepare yourself because they’re getting more and […]

family day out in Cork

Top 10 days out in Cork with kids

So I was telling our Facebook gang that I want to try and do something different every weekend with the little lady over the Summer, it might be going to an event or visiting somewhere new in Cork or just going to a pet farm or something. I asked for suggestions of their favourite places […]

10 top Easter gifts for babies

I’m not one of those mums who restricts chocolate completely from her diet but I definitely did when Ruby was smaller. She’s 3 now and is chocolate obsessed and I do try to keep it to Fridays and special occasions but Easter is just an absolute choc fest and there’s no avoiding it so we wanted […]

Maternity clothes – where to buy them?

Another topic frequently asked on the page and regularly discussed between friends, dressing the bump – where do we buy maternity clothes, why do all maternity clothes look so awful?  So we asked you where your favourite shops were and what your must haves were and here’s the result; for something a bit different […]

Top 10 essentials for your newborn

We get lots of requests all the time from first time parents or new mums wondering what the most useful products for their newborn are. What gadgets are popular because you genuinely cannot live without or are they just trendy but not really vital to your survival as a new parent (ok this might be […]