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Hospital Bag Essentials Bundle

Original price was: €223.00.Current price is: €167.00.

Save by purchasing a themed bundle of products for your hospital bag. We’ll curate our favourite items based on the colour you select and send them off to you ready to pop into your bag for the hospital.

This bundle includes 5 of our LittleBoo newborn bibs, 2 of our newborn sized ZippyBoo suits (these will fit up to 10lbs in our testers experience), 2 of our cellular blankets, 2 of our SwaddleBoo prewrapped swaddles, a sheet for your bassinet in the hospital which can also be used for your moses basket and pram, a cardigan and a “Born in 2024” bib for that perfect photo opportunity.

Please note – this is like a blind bag of products, you cannot exchange just one item, you will need to return the full selection if you’d like a refund.

We will do our best to accommodate your theme selection below. If you would prefer specific products or designs we suggest ordering these separately.

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