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The DribbleBoo bandana bibs are crafted with care, featuring a blend of materials for both comfort and functionality. They boast a 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton front, filled with soft polyester fleece, and reinforced with an additional organic cotton layer at the back. Triple-layered for optimal absorbency, these bibs are equipped with nickel-free poppers for a secure fit.

Suitable for infants and toddlers aged 0-3 years, though sizing may vary based on your child’s build. With charming designs and durable construction, they withstand machine washing at 30 degrees Celsius. The adjustable neck measures 30-35cm, with a length of 17cm from chin to chest. Notably, the cotton front extends inside the neck for added comfort and to prevent dribble from seeping through.

Tested for exceptional soakage, they’re ideal for heavy droolers or babies with reflux. Whether it’s spills from a sippy cup or dribbles during feeding, these bibs offer reliable protection.

Our LittleBoo bibs cater to babies weighing approximately 5lbs and up. Made with 100%  GOTS certified organic cotton on the front and filled with 100% polyester fleece, they feature an additional organic cotton layer at the back.

Equipped with nickel-free poppers, these bibs offer a snug fit. Despite a smaller neck size, the LittleBoo bibs are adjustable to comfortably accommodate babies up to around 18lbs. Their unique shape addresses the common issue of milk leakage during newborn feeding sessions, as they provide ample coverage over the shoulders to prevent seepage onto clothing or skin.

Fastening to the side, they facilitate easy one-handed operation, which becomes second nature when caring for a newborn.

The SnuggleBoo sleeping bag boasts 100% organic cotton construction, with our Winter 2016 collection crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton. Featuring a cozy 2.5 tog or 1 TOG rating and detachable sleeves, these sleeping bags offer versatility for varying temperatures. The 18-36 month size includes convenient poppers at the end, allowing you to adjust the length as your child grows. While we strive to ensure maximum value from our sizes, we prioritize safety by recommending a snug fit for smaller babies to prevent excessive roominess that could pose a risk. Rest assured, this product undergoes thorough safety testing by Intertek, meeting the standards outlined in BS EN 16781:2018.

Rainbows and clouds snuggle boo



Our SnuggleBoo sleep suits are crafted from premium organic cotton and feature a variety of charming designs, all with a cozy 2.5 or 1 tog rating. These suits resemble traditional babygrows but offer added warmth, making them perfect for active little ones who prefer having their feet free to explore. Additionally, these suits come with detachable sleeves for enhanced versatility.

Available in three size options—up to 12 months, 1-2 years, and 2-3 years—they provide a comfortable fit for children as they grow.

SnuggleBoo sleepsuit Sleepy clouds

We make your child’s safety our priority across all of our products! All our bibs and sleeping bags are GOTS certified and carry the International Confidence in Textiles label, certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. This is your guarantee that the product contains no toxic or harmful substances.


Our YummyBoo feeding bib is designed with three layers for optimal functionality. The innermost layer, in contact with your child’s skin, is made of soft cotton, while the cuffs and neck feature a 100% cotton lining for added comfort. The front layer and sleeves are crafted from cotton-rich towelling, with a waterproof middle layer to prevent spills from seeping through.

Featuring double poppers at the neck, this bib is adjustable and suitable for children from 6 months to 2 years old. Elastic at the front of the neck ensures a snug fit, preventing food from slipping down. The generous cuffs accommodate folding for smaller children during baby-led weaning and also provide a comfortable fit for older children. The front pocket is versatile, allowing it to be popped up to collect spills or folded down for better coverage or easy cleaning. These bibs are machine washable for convenience.

Our SwaddleBoo organic cotton pocket swaddles, thoughtfully pre-wrapped for effortless and secure swaddling. Designed with adjustable velcro wings, these swaddles cater to babies weighing between 7lbs and 14lbs. Crafted from lightweight and breathable organic jersey cotton, they ensure maximum comfort for your little one.

Superhero Sleeping bag

The BlankieBoo blanket offers unparalleled softness and coziness, crafted from 100% organic knitted cotton for ultimate comfort. Some variants are reversible, providing versatility in style. Generously sized, these blankets are suitable for a variety of uses, including in a pram, buggy, moses basket, or simply for lying on.


Our BooBeanie hat is a slouch beanie made from organic cotton (with 5% lycra), and sizes range from birth,

These are super soft and double layered for extra warmth (and super cool). It can also be worn folded to give a more fitted appearance.


Our CozyBoo robes are also organic cotton, size up to age 5 and come in 6 colour options at the moment. They are super soft, towelling on the inside, the belt is integrated into the robe so it can’t be lost and is a safety feature. They have the cutest little ears on the hood and are so kind to sensitive skin. Ideal for holidays, bath time and swimming.

Baby Blue CozyBoo Robe

Our Super square muslins are 100% organic cotton and 120cm x 120cm in size so these are so practical.


Caring for your bibs

We recommend washing at 30 degrees, do not soak your bibs in anything pre washing them – soaking weakens the poppers and may result in faded designs or poppers becoming water logged and falling off. If your bib is damp please wash it as fast as you can as leaving it damp pre washing can result in staining. For the LittleBoo bibs please reshape while damp, you will notice a little shrinkage the first time you wash them but you should be able to stretch them back into shape.

If your bib gets mould spots or black stains on it we always recommend you check your washing machine to ensure it has no mould in the tube (this has happened to me in the past). Mould can also happen on clothing if it’s left damp for a period of time before washing or if it’s left in the machine while wet for too long before airing. From researching this topic we are also told it can happen when clothing is air dried or sometimes when tumble dried if left damp in the drier in between cycles. Soaking the bib in milton or bleach will unfortunately not remove the stains – if you find a way to remove them please let us know! This is very very rarely reported to us (3 times in 2 years) but we wanted to add a section to the site so you are aware that it can happen and why it happens.

Also just to note for the darker colours, please wash with your dark colours, we can’t be held responsible for items running in a white wash – again very rarely happens but we wanted to make a note of it.

If your little one has reflux or is on a reflux or special formula you may notice some yellow staining on your bibs. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot we can do about this – some of you have said vanish will help but again this may fade the design also. Leaving in sunlight apparently can work wonders (on the rare occasion we get sun in Ireland) – we’d recommend buying darker colours if using this formula as it can stain cotton fabrics unfortunately.

We have had a few reports of pink staining on bibs over the years, this can be acid reflux related as well or if you’re breastfeeding this can be as a result of a bacteria in the milk called Serratia Marcescens, general advice here would be to seek medical advice.

Caring for your SnuggleBoo

Your SnuggleBoo should be washed at 30 degrees, it can be washed at a higher temperature but this may result in slight shrinkage. It can be tumble dried on a low heat. We recommend you turn it inside out before washing and attach the sleeves to the sleeping bag.

* Organic cotton may shrink slightly (between 5 to 10%) with washing, because it is not chemically treated to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat.

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