Here are just some of the questions we have been regularly asked about the bibs, snuggleboo and ourselves;

Where are the bibs made?

They are manufactured in Europe, in Turkey to be precise. Took us ages to find a facility we were happy with who offer all the right certification and OEKO-TEX certified fabric. This basically means all the fabrics are fully tested, free of hazardous dyes and are safe and environmentally friendly. We know what it’s like to have kids with sensitive skin or eczema so that was a really important factor for us. The poppers are nickel free so again keeping it as safe as possible and the dyes used in the printing of the bibs are water based. We could have used a facility which used solvent based dyes or uncertified fabric and the bibs would be much cheaper to get made but we wanted to ensure we had the best quality product and that the bibs are safe to use and safe for your baby to chew on which is what my baby spent half her time doing! We also use GOTS certified organic cotton in our SnuggleBoo and CozyBoo products which means an even softer cotton than any other sleeping bag or robe you will find.

Why don’t you manufacture them in Ireland?

This one has been asked a few times and the simple answer is we couldn’t find a textile manufacturer in Ireland who could produce a comparable product quality wise at a reasonable price. As it was we could only find two companies to actually even look at the bibs and quote us. We did try and we continue to try, we would only love to be supporting an Irish business and producing them here. (If you are a textile business who would like to manufacture for us do get in touch)

Who designs them?

Usually one of us will see something they like online or in a shop or get inspiration and email the other asking what they think. We’ll then do a mood board based on colours and all sorts of things that we like so it might be wallpaper or notepaper or a picture we see online. We have an illustrator we use, we send her on all our thoughts and she brings them to life. This is really important for us because it means the designs are unique and are ours. A lot of the time we ask our friends on Facebook to suggest things they would like or when our designer sends on alligators for example with 6 different colour combinations and we can’t decide which we like the most we ask you guys on Facebook and you tell us.

Who does what?

Michelle looks after the finances and the logistics, orders, stock taking, sending the bibs to you, making sure we have enough of everything. I look after Facebook and liaise with the manufacturer and do our other marketing ‘stuff’ and customer service. Karen joined the team in March 2017 and she helps us with orders and she’s fab and super dooper organised, Jess joined in October 2017 and has the youngest of the babies in the BabyBoo fam, little Nicholas is just 6 months old and makes the cutest little product tester. The ladies have 6 children between them so we now have 11 children in the BabyBoo family which is great for product designing and sizing.

Where do you store them all?

Well up until July 2015 they were stored mainly in Michelle’s living room (Thank you very patient O Riordan family) or the ‘good room’ as her son Matthew calls it ‘BabyBoo room’ as the rest of the family call it. Now we have a warehouse in Ballincollig.

Why don’t you do more events outside Cork?

We fully intend to, you’ll be seeing our name pop up lots more  (pop us an email if you have an event you’d like us to be at).

Why poppers and not velcro?

Velcro annoys the cr*p out of both of us, it sticks to everything in the washing machine or drier, ruins other clothes and it wears off and then bibs are useless. For us we want you to buy our bib and use it for years, that’s why they fit up to three year olds.

What about a smaller size?

We have those since March 2016 – the neck is smaller and the shape is different as it’s more suited to a newborn baby – same fleece lining though!

Do you wholesale your bibs or sell into shops?

We do, we’re in a few shops already and happy to stock others so get in touch if you’re interested.

Would you do a 3.5 tog SnuggleBoo?

Well we’d never say we won’t do it but in our experience and from feedback from customers the 2.5 tog because it has the sleeves tends to be warm enough.

I have a product or design idea for you?

Send it on, we love feedback and ideas!

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