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BabyBoo (the brainchild of Vicki O'Callaghan and Michelle O'Riordan) is a cult favourite for many Mum's across Ireland and around the world. Their iconic Droolbusting Bandana Bib is a game-changer for teething babies.

Our Story

BabyBoo was founded in 2014 by Vicki & Michelle & continues to go from strength to strength. We created BabyBoo after we struggled to find quality clothing for our children who were suffering with eczema and reflux.

Ruby (Vicki’s daughter) had awful reflux and eczema and drooled a lot and she couldn’t find a bib that functioned well and looked well.

As any parent with a drooly child will tell you if you have to constantly cover their clothes with a bib then it’s nice to have one that looks as cute as the clothes you’re covering up!!

We went to college together (a long time ago) and we decided to give it a go, Vicki’s background is digital marketing and working with websites and Michelle has a business degree and her background is HR and as a mum of 4 kids who all also have sensitive skin she has so much experience with products over a large age range – we work very well together.

Vicki & Michelle - BabyBoo Founders

The inspiration and vision behind BabyBoo was to create a brand unlike any other with unique, functional and sustainable products to make life more comfortable for our little customers”

Our Why

We have 5 kids between us – ranging from ages 9 to 18 years – BabyBoo was a natural progression for us, we knew there was a gap in the market for functional, sustainable organic basics for babies and older kids and wanted to fill that missing link. We first decided to manufacture a small collection of seven bandana bibs, when we noticed many mothers found the same issues sourcing bibs that could function to absorb drool from reflux, without soaking through clothes underneath, without flaring up sensitive skin and always looking cute.

After positive feedback from friends and family, we  moved forward with the designs and have since expanded the range, incorporating new collections including newborn size bibs, weaning bibs, newborn swaddles, beanie hats, SnuggleBoo sleeping bags and suits with detachable sleeves, organic cotton robes and beautifully soft 100% organic cotton blankets and most recently loop scarves, pyjamas and larger blankets.

Sustainability is very important to us both in our fabric choices, our factory choices and the quality of our products. We want you to be able to use our products for years, to pass them onto siblings and friends or resell them in our Facebook group. We believe in buying once and buying well, our bibs for example will wash and wash and wash and still look brand new, you’ll get such value from the products over the lifetime of the product than buying cheaper alternatives you’ll replace time and again.

Wait there's more..

BabyBoo is based in Cork, in a lovely big (sometimes messy) warehouse in Ballincollig and is run by a team of 8 lovely ladies, 1 gentleman in house as well as 3 people on our tech/graphics team, an IT professional, a safety consultant and a photographer.

We also have some lovely brand reps who are fantastic ambassadors for our brand and are usually featured on our social media. We’re lucky enough to have their older siblings to help us as well

We feedback...

We love seeing our customers out and about with their little ones wearing our products, we honestly get such a kick out of it. We love hearing your ideas or feedback so please always get in touch if you have an idea for a design or think a product could work better. We’re always working on the next lot of designs or the next new product and are so open to chatting to you guys, after all we don’t have a business without our customers.

If you’d like to feature on our Instagram be sure to tag us and use hashtag #babyboo

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