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Eeek post number one!

Thanks for popping in to visit and see who we are and what we will be doing (not quite there yet).

We are two normal (no smart comments) mums who have five kids between us ranging in age from 9 months to 10 years. So you could say we have pretty much seen it all, or a lot of it anyway and we want to share that with you. This here is our blog, where we post tips about anything from weaning to potty training or starting school to Christmas stocking ideas. We will be giving you product recommendations for all age groups and girls and boys (even though we only have 1 boy in the mix) and if you have something specific you want to ask just email or message us on Facebook.

We hope to grow our Facebook page into a community of parents who will help one another out with tips and advice and hopefully it will become a valuable resource to you.

I (that’s me Vicki) live on Facebook, I work in digital marketing and with websites so I am constantly online, I’ll be making up that part of the partnership and Michelle will be giving the expert advice (she has 4 kids after all) and we’ll both be sourcing products that you will find useful or pretty or cute or beneficial. We will try to keep the products as cost effective as possible but we will always stand over them and use them ourselves or get you to review them before we stock them.

Hopefully this tells you a bit about us and what we hope to achieve with this blog and eventually our little business.

Thanks for reading this far – here’s something I came across recently which is so true;



Vicki & Michelle


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