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Loving our bodies through pregnancy – Ground Wellbeing

Pregnancy is miraculous and beautiful.

But it is also one of the most intense physical experiences a women will ever go through.
As our hormones take charge, we can feel as though we’ve lost control over our bodies, our sleep, our skin, energy and emotions.

Pregnancy is a time to honour yourself and to ground your wellbeing in self care. Follow these daily acts of love that benefit your pregnant body and mind.


Warmth. For muscle aches and busy heads an evening bath is a warm blanket of comfort allowing you to let go of stress. Soaking in bath salts eases tired muscles, helps to improve circulation and infuses the body with magnesium and calcium, while gentle extracts of Lavender, Bergamot and Roman Chamomile can initiate a state of relaxation and a deeper sleep. It’s important to keep the temperature moderate while you soak, ideally no higher than 40°C (100°F). Stay hydrated, turn on some positive birth tracks, dim the lights and talk to your baby – let them know that mama is here.

If you don’t have a bath or time for the full experience, soak your feet in warm water. By keeping your feet warm you can help all of the energy meridians to bring warm energy up to your pelvis, uterus and womb.

Movement. Regular restorative movement throughout pregnancy can elevate your energy, alleviate discomfort, realign posture and aid digestion. Our bodies are built to grow but we need to learn how to flow and flex with this stretch. Yoga and Pilates are proven ways to strengthen and support the endurance of muscles needed for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Walking promotes an optimum baby position for delivery. Swimming improves blood circulation, relieves swelling and is a safe aerobic exercise throughout all pregnancy trimesters. But what’s most important is finding movement that you enjoy.

Mindful rest. Motherhood is a marathon not a sprint.

An early sign of pregnancy is often intense fatigue.

Take time for mindful rest, slow moments and breath work.

This doesn’t have to be an elaborate meditation, it can be 5 minutes each day where you are still – without interruption. With one hand on your heart and one on your bump take your focus to your breath and deeply breath in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Feel your mind and body connect and calm your racing thoughts. Layer in the comforting scents of lavender and sweet orange. Listening to the energetic rhythms of your body is one of the greatest maternal instincts we can learn. Power down, recharge, conserve energy and tune inwards.

Skin. Pregnancy brings unique skin transformations for every woman.

For some there is a glow, for many there are stretch marks, skin tags and breakouts.

Our skin is under the command of oestrogen and progesterone fluctuations and it is completely normal for our skin to become more sensitive, pigmented and acne prone.

It’s essential that women avoid using retinol, retinoids or vitamin A products on their skin while pregnant.

Change up your routine by adding in more natural organic products to balance the PH, try Gua Sha to release toxins and nourishing your body with comforting body oils.

Soulful living. Growth in pregnancy takes many forms. There is the obvious physical transformation but every aspect of you is growing as you prepare for this life changing and life giving event.

It has been proven that our hormones can benefit greatly when we embrace the things that bring us joy. When we feed our minds positive thoughts, take in fresh air,or when we laugh with friends we can release soul lifting endorphins. When you seek out the joy and block out the negativity it is possible to create a powerful sanctuary. A life you love.

As a woman you will find an enduring power and strength that you never know you had as you transition from woman to mother during pregnancy. Care for yourself deeply. Love yourself deeply. Grá Mná

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