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When Robins Appear Family Cuddle organic cotton blanket


These blankets proved exceptionally popular last year so this year we decided to launch them early so we have plenty of time to order more if we need to!!

These are super sized (130cm x 200cm), super soft and super cuddly with some extra sprinkles of Christmas magic thrown in.

Each blanket will arrive in a beautiful Christmas themed box so you can store it away year after year and ensure it becomes your newest Christmas tradition. Each blanket also comes complete with your family name, a beautiful gift for a newly married couple or any family really.

Simply choose the family name you would like to include (please read the notes below) and the colour thread you would like. All blankets will be made with the same font and this cannot be amended.

Things to note:

There is a limited amount of space so if you have a double barrelled name we suggest not including the “-” and we will pop the name on two lines. If you do include the hyphen we will put the name on one line and it will reduce the size of the overall text.

We cannot include additional names unfortunately, it would reduce the size of the text and the overall quality of the product.

If you would like the Irish (or any other language) version of the text please include a note on the checkout page outlining the FULL text you would like – we are not responsible for incorrect spellings or incorrect translations.

Please ensure the spelling of the family name is correct – fadas, capital letters etc

Please note that each blanket will read The ‘Murphy’ Family. If you include an s (The Murphys) we will remove the s.

There will be a waiting period for this product, each one is customised and this does take time so please be patient. If you are ordering other products with the blanket these will ship with the blanket so if you do need another item faster we suggest doing two orders.


In stock

Please see text above about double barrelled and multiple surnames

We will embroider with the first one chosen if you choose more than one colour

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