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Our top 10 tips for travelling with children

We asked you guys on Facebook to give us your top tips for travelling with babies and young children and we have combined them with our tips to give you a definitive guide.

1. Toys – buy some new stuff for the plane or train or any travel option that is likely to take some time. The ferry not so much because at least they can move around a bit and be entertained. New is the key here, one person suggested cheap stuff you can just leave on the plane which is a good one. Another suggested stuff you wouldn’t mind leaving at your holiday resort rather than lugging it back. Either way new and exciting is the thing to get. Books, colouring books, sticker books, a new puzzle or jigsaw for an older child.

2. Devices – load some apps onto your tablet or laptop. Bring a portable DVD player or download and save some cartoons into dropbox and watch on your ipad or tablet. Oh and don’t forget to charge the ipad before the flight and product the all important headphone (I get them in Penneys every year)!

3. A sling is a great way to transport your baby through an airport, lots of you recommend this. I had one myself and used it a lot on holidays. Very handy for cities with cobbled streets or for trekking down steps to a beach as well.

4. Yes you can bring drinks and snacks for your smallie so stock up, how about lots of chopped up fruits, raisins, cheerios, bread sticks and mini rice cakes in little pots you used to use for weaning or in a snack tray with a lid. I know that would have kept Ruby happy for a bit.

5. A sheet from home with the smell of their cot on it, that’s one I’ve tried myself when away for a night and it definitely helps. Anything familiar will help them to settle. Our 1 tog SnuggleBoo is ideal in a warmer climate, I always took it with me, even with just her nappy on I think she was happier in the sleeping bag as that’s what she was most familiar with.

6. On the plane, a soother, a drink, lollipop or a bottle to suck on when taking off or landing, some sweets maybe if it’s an older child.

7. A spare change of clothes in your hand luggage with nappies and wipes etc just in case they lose your bag or you have an emergency pooplosion situation going on.

8. Be sure and book your car seat with your airport transfer in advance if you’re not bringing your own

9. Lots of people advised to bring nappies and wipes and if your child has a favourite brand of food, Ella’s pouches maybe just in case they don’t like the food wherever you go. This applies to under-ones I think because I know Ruby would have managed on fruit if she didn’t want to eat anything else! I did always bring raisins, butter (because she is obsessed with pasta and butter) and the organix oat bars because she loves them.

10. Last but not least try to enjoy yourself, kids sleep more in the heat so a good nap every day will hopefully give mum & dad a chance to kick back with a book and soak up some sunshine. Some good advice from a friend was, to remember that a holiday is all about your kids and how much they enjoy it and once you accept that then you will enjoy it more yourself. Be thankful to be away and getting a break from the norm.

Our robes are fantastic around the pool as well to dry off and keep your little one cozy by the pool.

Oh and not to forget our bandana bibs are fantastic because you don’t need to pack a mountain of bibs. Leaves more room for the 72 UV suits you’ve probably bought!

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