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Some baby shower ideas…

So you’ve been landed with organising a baby shower for your bestie and you’re delighted to be asked but really not sure what’s involved – we’ve all been there right? Well ok maybe not, baby showers are still relatively new here in Ireland but it’s no harm to prepare yourself because they’re getting more and more popular. A friend of mine recently was asked to help organise one so she naturally asked me if I had any ideas and I pulled out a few from Pinterest that I thought were cute.

For a girl – this is a cute one depending on how girly the mum is obviously

My personal favourite I think this would be lovely for a first birthday or christening/naming day as well;

My friends did a little book for me at mine and I love it;

Drinks for everyone – love this idea with the bubbles, very simple but a cute addition

This is one you will see for all baby showers but it’s an easy one to execute and might be a bit of a laugh!



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