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Christmas is a time for giving

Hi guys I know it’s still a little bit early to be bringing up the C word but I wanted to tell you about what we are doing for charity this year. For those of you who are new to BabyBoo.ie this is our third Christmas in existence, each year we like to do something […]


My knights in cotton pajamas

As a mum I know I am constantly criticizing myself about how I bring up my children.  I know that most of my mom-friends do the same thing.  The constant self-doubt and comparing myself to the local ‘super mom’ wondering how the ^%&* she gets it all right ALL THE TIME. Wondering if my years […]


Baby & family friendly restaurants & cafes in Limerick

We’re compiling a list of baby friendly options for eating out or drinking coffee in various counties at the moment. We asked you where you liked going in Limerick and here are your suggestions;

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