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My day with my quadruplets – by Grace Slattery

The very lovely and amazing looking (considering the mammoth task she undertakes every morning) Grace Slattery from Limerick has written a blog post for us about her day with her gorgeous babies.

slattery quads

The quadruplets are 9.5 months old now and I can’t believe how the time is flying! I’ve already started thinking about what to do for their first birthday. I feel like a lot of it has flown by in a blur as I’m so exhausted all the time so I make sure to take lots of pics and videos.

Life with more than one baby sure is chaotic. It’s a full time job and then some. My husband James gets up every morning with the babies around 6am and he brings them downstairs and gets them started with brekky. I come down around 7am to let James go get ready for work. I start feeding the babies and getting bottles sorted. I get them dressed for the day. I have only recently started dressing them every morning in actual clothes as all the time it was baby-grows as they’re so much easier to put on them. But I found I was parting with a lot of clothes they hadn’t even worn so I make sure now I’ve clothes there for them every morning. And it’s lovely to see them in little clothes.

The quads play for a while then in their play pen. This tires them out while I tidy the kitchen, get my washes on for the day, sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Then at 9am the quads go for a nap, so for me this is 4-5 runs up and down the stairs, in and out of the 2 nurseries trying to get all settled. It’s tough work getting them to nap, I usually have one who just fights it and they come back downstairs with me and I put them in their swing and hope they drop off.  At this point then I get to have brekky and catch up on emails / bills etc…

At 10.30-11am it starts all over again with the quads waking up from their nap. So 4 more trips up and down the stairs for me. They play in their play pen for a while while I make lunch and bottles. If they are happy to play away I try to hoover out the sitting room at this point as they are constantly on the floor later in the day. I give them lunch and bottles around 12 / 12.30 then get them changed and they play again or sometimes sit in their bouncers depending on their moods. Around 2 / 2.30 then it’s time for another nap. This nap lasts until about 3.30/4.

lily grace cherry bib
Lily Grace in her cherry babyboo bib


They have another bottle when they get up then and play again. 5pm is dinner and James is home at 5.30 so he takes over the babies then and gets them ready for bed, while I clean the kitchen and sort my washing. I get the nurseries ready for bed and James plays with the babies in the sitting room as we like to give them free time on the sitting room floor while they’re being supervised. 7pm then is bed time and again this is getting harder and harder to get them to settle so usually we both take a room each and look after the 2 babies in it.

About 8pm then we get to start thinking about our own dinner and try to relax for a little while before bed.

Lucas in his blue daisy bib
Lucas in his blue daisy bib

It really is all go and non-stop, everything you do for them is physical and big but we wouldn’t change it for the world. To see them developing and becoming little people is amazing and they’re all so different.

I will say though things I miss out on that you just can’t really do when you have four is things like taking your baby shopping with you or just out and about while running errands. I don’t get many one on one cuddles because firstly I’m pulled in so many different directions and secondly even if you had a few minutes with one baby I’m cautious of giving them bad habits that I just won’t be able to keep up for them.

Lucas again in foxes everywhere babyboo bib
Lucas again in foxes everywhere babyboo bib

10 things in my daily life I couldn’t live without

  1. Soothers
  2. Chairs/Bouncers/Swings/Walkers
  3. Teething Gel
  4. Mickey Mouse cartoons
  5. Bibs/towels (BabyBoo of course)
  6. Washing machine
  7. Musical toys
  8. My feeding pillows
  9. Batteries for everything
  10. Tea/Coffee/Diet Coke

Hope you enjoy my little blog and please feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment.

Take care!


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