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Our favourite family winter city break destinations

We get asked all the time on Instagram where we recommend for family winter city break destinations from Ireland, here are some excellent options that are relatively easy to reach from Irish airports:

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland: Just a short flight away, Edinburgh comes alive during the winter season with its festive markets, beautiful Christmas lights, and the famous Edinburgh Castle. It’s cold though so be prepared.
  2. London, England: London is a fab city with a lot to offer in the winter, including ice skating at places like Somerset House and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Not to mention the shopping or a trip to Warner Bros Harry Potter studios which we loved.
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, museums, and holiday markets make it a great choice for a family winter break. There is so much to do for families including the fabulous upside down !
  4. Paris, France: Experience the City of Light in a different ambiance during winter, explore the landmarks, and enjoy cozy cafés and hot chocolates and crepes. You could even include a trip to Disney!
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens turn into a winter wonderland during the holiday season, and the city offers numerous family-friendly attractions.
  6. Berlin, Germany: Berlin’s Christmas markets, including the one at Charlottenburg Palace, are famous, and the city has many museums and historical sites. We love Cologne as well, there’s a Lindt factory there!
  7. Brussels, Belgium: Visit the Brussels Christmas Market and explore the city’s historic center, known for its beautiful architecture and tasty chocolates. Small but beautiful.
  8. Budapest, Hungary: Budapest’s thermal baths are perfect for warming up in the winter, and the city’s Christmas markets are festive and really family-friendly.
  9. Krakow, Poland: Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Krakow’s Old Town during the winter season, Gluhwein, cherry hot chocolate and some shopping or if you’re travelling with older kids visit the nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.
  10. Barcelona, Spain: While it may not be as cold as other destinations, Barcelona offers a mild winter climate, and you can enjoy fewer crowds at popular attractions and even hit the beach.

Remember to check for travel restrictions and entry requirements, including COVID-19-related guidelines, before planning your trip. Additionally, consider the age, interests and preferences of your family members when choosing a destination to ensure a memorable and enjoyable winter city break from Ireland.

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Key items to bring with you when heading off are our Beanie hats and loops and a nice warm cuddle blanket for the plane!

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