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Post birth tips – hospital

So you’ve just given birth, whether “naturally”, at home, in hospital, by planned or emergency section or with forceps, venteuse or some other intervention, you’re exhausted and elated and a million and one other things no-one can prepare you for before you have your baby.

You could happily sit there just staring in wonder at your little bundle of joy all day long.

I was in for a few days so it got a bit boring at times and was lovely to have a friendly face coming in to break up the day so I welcomed my friends and close family popping in and asked some to come and visit if they were slow to ask if they could.

Everyone will want to hold your baby, try to avoid this if you can, it’s all very well for your baby to sleep through it and seem happy but at 2am when she is still screaming and confused by all the different smells around her you will regret allowing this, believe me. A good tip is to change the baby’s clothes after the visitors have held him or her, they will only settle to your smell and voice for the first few days and changing their clothes means they don’t have lots of confusing perfumes etc on their clothes. I was told this one too late unfortunately.

Prune juice, I can’t recommend this one enough, lots of water and some juice to help “get things moving”.

Leave a bag with extras at home, clothes for you and baby, maternity pads, nappies, water wipes etc in case you end up being kept in a few extra days and run out.

Water wipes, make your life a little bit easier, ditch the cotton wool and hot water and bring in some water wipes.

Ask the midwives if you can take some of the ready made formula and teats home with you for the first day or two, they usually won’t mind. Have some ready made in the fridge as well just until you get to grips with everything.

Tissues and chocolate for day 3, you will be hit with the hormonal blues and cry for no reason. This may continue for a few weeks, don’t be surprised if you are still crying on and off for a while, unless you feel sad with it or any other symptoms that make you think you need to speak to your GP this is pretty normal.

Oh and take lots of pics, I know you will anyway but just in case, they really are so precious. I highly recommend a newborn shoot if you can.

Newborn shoot
Newborn shoot

The first 6 to 8 weeks are hard, but you do get used to the lack of sleep and everything else and I promise it will get easier…


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