Turmeric organic cotton zipped cardigan


We absolutely loved knitted clothing for our little ones when they were babies but we always struggled to find something that was kind to their very sensitive skin. So this capsule collection was born as a result of that, all items are made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton which means nothing to aggravate your little ones skin, they’ll be snuggled up nice and warm in their organic, sustainable clothing that is durable and will stand the test of time. All items can be machine washed at 30 degrees but please don’t tumble dry them.

Popular thread colours for this cardigan are white, grey and navy – if you do not select a colour when ordering we will choose one of these colours for you


Personalisation options

Thread colour

Please choose your thread colour. Please note if you do not pick a colour we will choose white/silver or the most popular colour for you.


Please choose from fonts below – images of all are in the gallery as well as the full script alphabet
Please do not select all caps for the script/italic/cursive font, it is illegible so we will adjust to lower case where appropriate
Please ensure if you have selected the script font that you have checked the alphabet in the gallery
If you choose more than one font we will select the first one chosen and if you do not select a font we will use the default font (if you choose letterman for the front of a robe or cardigan and also choose a font we will ignore the font)
Please do not select text for the front and back and a letterman – we recommend a name on the back and letterman on the front if you want to do both options, if you do choose a letterman and name on the front we will default to only do a letterman


Choose an icon if you wish, please do note the area that is to be embroidered and how it might look with an icon as well. For example our zippyboo suits/cardigans in smaller sizes are quite restricted size wise so if you choose a name and a bear for example the bear will be quite low on the lapel.

None Bunny +€2.00 Heart +€2.00 Moon +€2.00 Paw print +€2.00 Star +€2.00 Cross +€2.00 Bear +€3.00