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Organic cotton mint cellular BlankieBoo


We love blankets, all of us that work in BabyBoo have a special grá (love in Irish) for a nice cozy blanket but especially a cotton one and aren’t they just so hard to find?

So we decided to make our own, super soft and cozy 100% organic cotton knitted blanket.

From the beginning you’ve been asking for a cellular option for your hospital bag so we have created some options for you. Cellular blankets have holes built into their knit which allows air to flow and move into the fibres of the wool keeping your baby warm but never too warm.

These are big enough for your pram, buggy, moses basket or to lie underneath your little one when playing. I used to find cotton muslins or blankets ideal to cover surfaces that would flare up Ruby’s sensitive skin when we were out and about so she could lie on the cotton and I could relax knowing she wouldn’t have a flare up from my friend’s velvet couch !

The perfect gift for a baby shower, new baby, christening or baby’s first Christmas.

We only make products we would use on our own children so you can be sure only the best fabric is used and so much care and attention is taken with everything from design to building the product. This a beautiful single layered light organic cotton blanket.

Personalisation options available below, icons will be placed at the end of the name or underneath.

Grey, white or black thread are the most popular choices for this blanket, if you do not choose a colour we will choose one of these for you.

70 cm x 90 cm

Our cellular blankets are woven from 100% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton yarn.  All dyes used are Oeko Tex certified which means these have been tested for numerous harmful substances. We have also independently tested the design of our Cellular Blanket, its cellular construction was found to be breathable and air permeable, these elements along with the natural fibres used in the yarn help to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable in all seasons. Suitable for use in a buggy or pram, a travel cot, or in the home.

Safe sleep guidelines should always be followed, ensure your baby does not overheat, layer up or down depending on the temperature in the room and follow the feet-to-foot rule where you position your baby with their feet at the end of the cot.

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