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You’re so cool organic cotton BiggerBoo bandana bib (Age 3+)


Designed by The Daly Dish for our newest collab we just love this print, inspired by their favourite film True Romance. €1 from the sale of each of these bibs will go to The Down Syndrome Centre.

Drool busting, cute looking, rash avoiding, dry clothing, triple layered bandana bib!

These bibs are fantastic for soakage, they have three layers and the inner one is fleece so no matter how much your little one drools their clothes, chest and under chin will stay dry. You won’t need to change their bib every half an hour either!

They wash well, dry well and look well, what more could you ask for? Ideally sized for older children and adults with additional needs.

This latest model has a smaller neck size for a better fit, we have also increased the depth of the fleece layer for a better absorbtion experience.


• 100% cotton front and back with 100% polyester (fleece) middle layered bandana bib
• Triple layered with two poppers which are nickel free
• They are suitable from age 3 upwards
• Wash well at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried on a low heat
• Neck size is 35-45cm depending on which popper you choose to use
• 24/25cm long so from chin to chest
• Cotton layer at the front extends inside the neck for a more comfortable fit
• Ideal for children with additional needs who need the functionality but don’t want to wear a babyish bib

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1-2 3+
6.50 5.20
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