Some things you should never say to a pregnant woman

Some of these have been said to me and some I have been witness to – all are to be avoided!!

“You surely haven’t got long left now” – usually when you are about the 32 week mark and it feels like you will never get to the end…


“You’re all bump” – eh what exactly does that mean?

“God you’re huge aren’t you?” – eh thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear right now…

“You’re getting very big now aren’t you?” – eh what did you expect?

“You look ready to pop” – pop what exactly?

“You look soooo shattered” – usually on a day when you’ve had more sleep than usual

“Oh my God you get bigger every time I see you” – Eh no sh*t sherlock, that’s usually what happens when you have a baby growing inside you

“You even have a pregnant ass now” – What the hell does that mean?

“Big baby I’d say…” – thanks for those words of wisdom. sonographer now too?

“You don’t look proper pregnant yet, just fat” – CHARMING

“You’re very small aren’t you” – eh thanks for highlighting everything I have been stressing about myself…

What silly things did people or are people saying to you?