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Pre weaning, the things you worry about

There are lots of steps and milestones in the first year of your little ones life but for me weaning was definitely my most daunting and my favourite in the end.

To start with Ruby has silent reflux so I was nervous she would react to lots of foods. To add more fuel to the fire she has eczema, so I was concerned her skin would flare up as well.

Next I had mixed advice from friends and online, baby led weaning or spoon feeding, wait until the recommended 6 months or try her earlier. Maybe this is why she has started waking again at night, maybe she’s hungry?

Can you add milk to their food or do you have to use formula?

It’s a bit of a minefield to be fair but as I said it’s definitely the bit I absolutely loved every minute of and still do. Watching her reaction to different foods and seeing her love or loath them. Watching her with textures as she is getting older, smooth to lumpy, finger foods, it’s SO much fun.

I’ll pass on what I did and give you some recipes I use that work for us and recommend the sites I found of most benefit if I can.