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To give you some of the technical “stuff”, the bibs are 100% cotton front and 100% polyester (fleece) back, double layered with two poppers which are nickel free. They are suitable from 0-3 years so babies and toddlers although I know this does depend on how big your toddler is. They look great, cute designs, wash well at 30 degrees and I have been tumble drying them for months without any shrinkage or issues. The neck is 30-35cm depending on which popper you choose to use and they are 17cm long so from chin to chest basically. The cotton layer at the front extends inside the neck so if your baby has eczema like my little doll the polyester (which may not irritate it anyway) won’t come into contact with the neck. The soakage is fantastic, I have used when Ruby is drinking from her sippy cup and spilling water a lot and the water never ever soaks through no matter how wet the cotton front gets. If you have a big drooler or refluxy baby these are the bibs for you and with fab designs why not give them a whirl.

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