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Storing memories for your little one

I wanted to share some cute ideas that I’ve come across since Ruby was born from other friends or in parenting groups…

      1. Set up an email address for your newborn, I did this for Ruby and send her photos, videos and little letters on her birthday. Lately I’ve been sending her on funny things she says and the crazy tantrums she has over the smallest things. When she’s 18 I plan to give her the password to the account and it will be like a little living journal of her life. You could extend this to give the email address to family and Godparents as well.
      2. A wishing tree – at the christening, naming ceremony or baptism have a little tree with notes and ribbon and ask your guests to write their wishes for your little one on a piece of paper and hang from the treeWinter Wonderland Little Penguin Baby Shower Ideas - "Wishes For Baby" Wishing Tree | Celebration Lane:
      3. A birthday book – at every birthday give them a new book with a little wish for the year inscribed
      4. Photos – I have a few friends who on the date their little one was born each month they take a photo of them in the same spot in their house or a family photo and collect them all in a book.
      5. Letters from heaven – on your little one’s first birthday ask everyone who is important in their life to write them a letter and give all the letters to them on their 18th birthday
      6. The Dr Seuss Birthday book – get the guests at their first birthday to write a little note in there
        Pink and Gold Birthday Book Sign Twinkle Twinkle by TalkInChalk: First Birthday Dr Suess Party Captured Love Photography: Life Sessions:

What other ideas do you do?

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