Teething tips – relieve their pain

teething baby
Poor little teething baby

Is this face a familiar one in your house? Mine too unfortunately… here are some tips I found that help;

1. Calgel – this is the best thing ever invented as far as I am concerned – it’s not available in Ireland though so you need to get someone in the UK to post you some or smuggle it in – it honestly really is amazing stuff.

2. Frozen anything – chuck some carrot sticks into the freezer, the cold is what helps. I found watermelon was a huge hit in my house (thanks to Lorraine for that tip) – cut it into slices, put it on some greaseproof paper separated, let it freeze then pop it in a freezer bag when frozen and just let them suck away when in pain.

3. The meche food holders are great to put the frozen stuff into if they are too small to hold it themselves – I love the Munchkin one

4. Sophie the giraffe – brilliant teether

5. Bug a loop – second best

6. When smaller these Bright Starts links are great, small enough for them to hold themselves, you can hang them off buggy or car seat, Ruby still loves hers and so cheap (a fiver in Smyths)

7. The Annabel Karmel ice pop moulds are very popular too in our house, either blitz some steamed fruit or some fruit juice with water

8. Nurofen is your friend if things get very bad and the temp starts to rise, it really is great for teething babies…

9. And if drool is pouring out as well of course you need your BabyBoo Bandana Bib to soak it all up… (there had to be a sales pitch somewhere c’mon)…