Archive: September 2017

Top tips for little teeth

This month we have a guest blogpost from the lovely Eileen or Smiley Eileey as she is known by her little clients. She is a fully qualified Dental Nurse and Oral Health Promoter. Her job is to visit preschools and national schools around Ireland educating them on how we look after our teeth and why it is […]

Essentials for baby from six to twelve months

Last week we covered baby essentials for the first six months and today we’re going to cover the next six months. A few things will have changed in your peaceful, quiet home… You will have a baby that screeches on and off a lot, they just love the sound of their own voice once they […]

Teething tips – relieve their pain

Is this face a familiar one in your house? Mine too unfortunately… here are some tips I found that help; 1. Calgel – this is the best thing ever invented as far as I am concerned – it’s not available in Ireland though so you need to get someone in the UK to post you […]