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Weaning – week one and two

So I decided to start weaning at 22 weeks, I felt myself she was ready for it and was sitting up at that stage. So for week one;

Things you need before you start, soft tip spoons, bowls, a feeding bib, a sippy cup (Tommee Tippee worked well here), a high chair if your little one can sit up and a muslin cloth in case you get spat at!!

first food
Ruby’s first food experience

I started with baby rice as most people suggest, I did one day with a few spoons and then dumped the box, I found it too gloopy and would never recommend it as a starting point.

Day two I tried steamed and pureed carrot. She LOVED it, so funny to watch her little face exploring the new taste in her mouth.

I went with carrot for another two days.

Day five, six and seven I switched it up and went with steamed and pureed butternut squash. If you’ve never cooked it before just cut off the top and end and peel it, take out the seeds from the fatter part and cube it.

No reactions so far, I was delighted.

Week two I moved onto fruit, steamed and pureed pear for 3 days, no reaction.

Then apple which only lasted 1 day, massive reflux flare up so ditched the apple and moved onto mashed banana. She got very constipated after banana which is quite common (watch out for the dodgy black threads in the poo as well, I thought she had worms!!) so I ditched that too.

I then mixed squash and carrot for the next three days which again she loved.

I found the best way to do it was to freeze in small vital babyย freezer pots with one ingredient in each and then I could take out two and mix them together as I wanted to. In the first week I froze, carrot, butternut squash, pear, raspberries, sweet potato, roasted parsnip and mixed and matched as I wanted. All were a big hit.


Started creamed porridge with fruit for breakfast the following week which has a much nicer consistency than the rice and she had this until she hit 7 months.

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